Give your family the gift of Trusted Care!

What does that mean?

  • Quick reach to your trusted doctors and hospitals
  • Easy sharing of bleed reports to receive fast consultation
  • Non-intrusive alerts and reminders
  • Access to relevant resources and information
  • Access to health-related announcements
  • Connect with Nationwide community of patients, mentors, and NGOs


Certified and experienced Counsellors help patients and their families become stronger.

Community Support

Better information, encouragement, moral support is available for patients and families.

Consultation & Care

Regular monitoring enables treating doctors to provide better care & help avoid emergencies - even remotely.


A National registry makes clinical assessment easier for treating doctors and planning easier for the Government.


Statistical data helps Government to plan better in the form of reports specific to each health condition.


A Resource Repository is available for patients as well as for the medical fraternity for each health condition.

Physicians, Paediatricians, Haemophilia Specialists, as well as Physiotherapists can use it to access their patient records faster and communicate with their patients easily.
Patients can use it to manage all their treatment records - from all their doctors - in one place.
Poly-clinics and hospitals can onboard their consultants and teams for better communication.
Labs can receive work-orders from doctors, share reports with patients and doctors easily.
Pharmacies can receive prescription refill requests easily.
Internet is required only to update records. You can still see all prior downloaded data offline.